Untroll Thursdays

Untroll Thursdays were started by comedian Megan MacKay as a way to remind ourselves that the internet may be home to trolls and douchebags, but there’s some amazing stuff out there too.

Here are links to all the awesome stuff I’ve featured on Untroll Thursdays.

My first Untroll Thursday

My #UntrollTheInternet posts

Things to read

Captain Awkward – the best advice column ever

Things to do

Geoguessr – Carmen Sandiego for the Google Earth era

Things to enjoy

Visions of the Future – amazing modernist space tourism posters from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Things to watch

Megan MacKay – comedian and feminist
Commander Chris Hadfield – badass astronaut via the Canadian Space Agency
UpUpDownDown – professional wrestlers who game

Things to purchase

Food Ninja – Wellington’s amazing online food delivery service